To create more things you can do.

The mission of nanapi is “to create more things you can do.” It is our belief that the more things you can do, the more wonderful your life can be. You made a new dish today even though you didn't really know how to cook before. The dirty kitchen is now spotless after you tried a new tip to clean it. You learned how to communicate better and had a nice conversation with your boss at work today. All of these things can give you a feeling of accomplishment and make you happy. Your life can change by doing. We would like to make the world a better place by providing people with more options and helping people to be able to do things, which is what we call “our mission.” In order “to create more things you can do,” we started websites such as IGNITION, nanapi and answer.



IGNITION is a digital publication to provide you with inspiration in your everyday life.Visit


answer is a forum application that can be easily used like a chat room. The users can anonymously ask any questions and get answers instantly.Visit


nanapi is one of the biggest online provider of how-to's in Japan with over 20 million users per month. There are over 100,000 recipes in nanapi's collection so far.Visit


Company Name
nanapi Co., Ltd.
December 2007
Number of Employees
75 PeopleAs of March 2014
  • Globis Capital Partners
  • KDDI Open Innovation Fund (Such as fund of telecommunications carriers KDDI of Japan)
Board Members
  • Kensuke FurukawaChief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Shuichi WadaDirector / Executive Officer / CTO
  • Takumi MiyazakiDirector / Executive Officer / COO
  • Kazuhide HaradaExecutive Officer / CMO
Inquiries : please write to “Contact use.g. Advertising, Media relations / interviews
Tatsumura Aoyama Mansion, 5-4-35, Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062, Japan